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For your convenience, our portfolio is divided into categories and constantly updated with the latest works that we are proud to present.

Here you will find various types of styles and approaches, different examples of professional web development and graphic design. Take a minute to review our samples to get an idea of the quality you’ll be getting.

At Mehr Global – we can help you be the best business you can be.

Need business card? Check! Or flyers? Check! New website? Check! With a shopping cart? Check! Want an app to match? Check!

We can help you with everything!

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Megalogue – http://megalogue.com.au/

Mehr Global have helped build Megalogue and take a new approach in the world of online shopping. Providing a platform where users can create their very own shopping catalogue. Just by scrolling through the news feed you will come across a wide variety of Australian brands and products, simply pick and choose the ones you like and start following them to customise the website based on your preferences.

Say goodbye to a time when you had to flick through multiple places to find the right product, with everything in the one place, shopping just got a whole lot easier!

If you’re an Australian business owner, registration is simple. Simply create a free account and start building your brand online. List your products, post business updates and deal with customer inquiries all from your very own business page. Expand your business with Megalogue and start attracting new customers.

Avoid paying too much for ineffective results and join us in creating a revolution in online shopping!