e-Marketing is the product of the meeting between modern communication technologies and the traditional marketing principles.

Marketing has been around forever in one form or another. e-Marketing is the product of the meeting between modern communication technologies and the more traditional marketing principles.

What is e-Marketing?

e-Marketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques through electronic media and more specifically the Internet. The terms e-Marketing, Internet marketing and online marketing, are frequently interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous.

e-Marketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet and includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements, using a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers with the aim of attracting new business, retaining current business and developing its brand identity.

When implemented correctly, the return on investment (ROI) from e-Marketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies.

The nature of the Internet means all businesses now have global reach. While traditional media ca be expensive, e-Marketing opens up avenues for smaller businesses, on a much smaller budget, to access potential consumers from all over. This allows the marketer to reach consumers in a wide range of ways and enables them to offer a wide range of products and services. e-Marketing includes information management, public relations, customer service and sales.

Whereas traditional marketing is largely about getting a brand’s message out there, e-Marketing facilitates conversations between companies and consumers. Internet marketing is able to provide an immediate impact. e-Marketing makes business hours 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for every week of the year while building virtual relationships with existing and potential clients and maximising the retention and value of these customers.

With e-Marketing, responses can be analysed in real-time and campaigns can be tweaked continuously, this means that there’s minimal advertising spend wasted on less than effective campaigns.

Email marketing is:

  • very powerful
  • extremely cost effective
  • highly targeted
  • customisable
  • measurable
  • takes advantage of the consumer’s inbox
  • immediate

With a correctly built mailing list, you have direct access to a targeted audience.

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